Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time to Reactivate BSM

We are back from a blogging hiatus of sorts. We've been having so much fun around our home that we haven't had time to tell you all about it.

A quick re-cap:

Sean has had several firsts, including beach vacation, pony ride, trip to the Scottish Games, trip on an airplane, wedding, meal at the big table with no high-chair, and many more.

He's been talking in sentences for about a month now, and has a rather extensive vocabulary that seems to grow daily. We've stopped counting at 500 words.

Favorite things of the moment include: Cookie Monster, Elmo, Winnie-the-Pooh, his broom (for sweeping up around the house), mini Dyson vacuum cleaner, and the Cat in the Hat (especially the goldfish who serves as the voice of reason.)

Sean has been in fairly good health this winter, thankfully, and hasn't had a seizure in several months (thanks to the anti-seizure drugs). Our little guy is not a baby anymore, but a little boy now. Which is a little sad. It's true what they say - kids grow up just too fast.

Stay tuned for more timely updates and photos.

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