Monday, February 23, 2009

Sean Goes to NYC For the First Time

Too bad it was only for a few hours. Sadly, it was an unpleasant mission - Sean's Great Aunt Mary entered the hospital for the last time late last week, and we wanted to get down to the city one last time. She had battled cancer for 15 years, and it was time. She was a great lady, and was her true self until her final days. Her many friends and loved ones will miss her for sure.

Sean made the best of it, though, as he always seems to do (save the meltdown at the rest-stop due to no mid-day nap). We even got to eat in a real live NYC restaurant - probably nothing you'd see in Zagat's, but we needed something fast, and UrbanSpoon didn't let us down. We tried to get a picture with a taxi in the background, but no luck. And despite the sad circumstances, Sean had a nice visit with his Nani and Popi, as well as Auntie Laura and Uncle Pete.

In other news, Sean has been saying "please" when prompted, for some time now, but has been giving an unsolicited "thank you mommy" whenever Mom gets him something he's asked for. It is simply the cutest thing ever. So sweet. Makes you want to give him stuff just to hear him say it. It's a nice companion to "bless you Mommy", or even "bless you Sean-ie" after a sneeze.

Sean also discovered his shadow. Much like the photos of his friends and cousins on our fridge, he offered the shadow some of his dinner, and bid it "good-bye shadow" when it was time to turn off the light and go upstairs for tubby. We now have another tool to try to get him to eat his dinner. Usually after he offers a bite to shadow, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Pooh, or any number of his cousin's photos, he pops whatever it is into his mouth.

Heaven help us when that stops working too...

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The Happy Runner said...

Sorry about your Aunt Mary but glad you had a nice time!

I love that he shares his dinner with his buds and his shadow. Too cute!