Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday - Many Firsts For Sean!

Greetings, loyal BSM readers, and happy halfway through winter...Sean has had a very big month (number 10 if you're counting) in January, capped off by his first ever Super Bowl, Super Bowl party at Al and Judy's, and first ever football pool win.

Al and Judy are our very dear next door neighbors, and are one of the best things about living on our block. For years now, they've had a Super Bowl party, and this year Sean was invited too. Naturally, he came dressed appropriately, wearing his Jeremy Shockey #80 jersey. Sean didn't realize that Al (and most of the gathered fans) were rooting for the Giants, and that his dad was a Giants fan back when he was a kid, growing up downstate, when they were having 4-12 seasons, before they won the Super Bowl in '86 and everyone became a Giants fan...but I digress. Our neighbor John is such a big Giants fan that he needed to watch the game at home where he could focus.

One of the traditions of Al and Judy's party is a high-stakes pool - $2.50 per person for a jillion squares. (The winning grid can be found right here). Turns out that Sean had the magic numbers for all of the quarters plus the final - that's $32.00 more for the college fund. Thanks Al and Judy!

Sean is cruising about very easily nowadays, and is making small strides towards eating more grown-up foods. He's got the Gerber Puffs pretty well down, but hasn't quite taken to some of the other entrees. Apparently, it may take up to a dozen or more tries before a baby will like something new. In the meantime, he's still doing fine with his old standby, cereal and baby food.

Next Monday Sean is moving to a new school - after 4 long months on the waiting list, Sean's number finally came up. This is a brand new, state of the art facility, with lots of classrooms named for woodland creatures, an indoor race track with baby cars, and super soft flooring everywhere to catch stumbling babies. We can't wait.

In unfortunate news, we learned that our furry oldest child, Amber, has developed some tumors that don't appear to be treatable. We are brokenhearted to learn this - she is the best dog ever, and even though she's 13, it still seems too short. They say that's a dog's only real fault - they just don't live long enough.

- James

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