Sunday, December 30, 2007

And to all a good night!

Happy Holidays, BSM fans! And thanks to all who sent Sean gifts for his first Christmas. It was a great close to a blessed year for the Considine/Kocsis family - Sean is the best gift we could have hoped for.

Sean received gifts from all sorts of friends and loved ones - some came from far off lands, like Ireland. Sean received so many great toys that we have set up a play room in our guest bedroom. It's not quite finished yet, so stay tuned for a photo of Sean enjoying his new playroom.

Sean made some big strides from Thanksgiving to December. At Thanksgiving dinner this year, Sean previewed his crawling ability for the gathered family, by rocking back and forth a little on his hands and knees, and taking a few halting moves forward. Now he's able to cruise across the floor in seconds, and usually straight for the most dangerous thing in the vicinity - electric outlets, cords to appliances, sharp objects, etc. Even though the house has been re-baby-proofed, he still has a way of finding the most dangerous thing left in any area. During the week before xmas, Sean learned how to pull himself up in his crib. Now we are greeted each morning by his smiling face, with him standing up in his crib. It took only a day or two for him to get back down once he'd climbed up.

As these photos depict, Sean has transferred his climbing skills to just about everything he can, including these baby gates, other toys and furniture, even people. He is even taking steps while holding onto things, which means (gulp) walking can't be too far behind.

All this crawling, climbing and walking takes a lot of energy. Fortunately, Sean loves to eat (usually). One of his favorite parts of eating meals now is the cleanup help he gets from Amber and Buddy. All Sean needs to do is hold his hand low enough to reach a dog, and the tongue does the rest.

Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season - only a few months until spring!

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