Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sean is officially mobile

On the Move!
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Sean has officially crawled from one place to another, with the purpose of reaching a toy, thus making him a mobile baby. It's all over for mom and dad now - no longer can we put Sean somewhere and have any assurance that he will stay there. Actually, he has been moving himself around for a while now, usually by rolling. Like a sailor tacking her sail into a headwind, Sean angles his rolls to cross a lot of territory in a short period. As a crawler now, we have to re-evaluate the entire house from floor level to 12", and Sean-proof everything anew. Pretty soon he'll be taking his first steps - his first request for the car keys can't be too far behind.

Sean also experienced his first Turkey Day on Thursday. The family all came over, ostensibly to have dinner, but we know everyone was here to see him. In fact, we had an open seat at the dining table, while it was a full house in the kitchen (where the kids usually eat). Sweet potatoes and corn topped his menu - next year he will have enough teeth and chewing practice to have turkey and fixin's with the rest of the kids.

Naturally, Sean tops the list of things we are thankful for this year. He truly is the best thing to happen to us. Ever.

- James

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