Sunday, October 7, 2007

Back from Vacation - Sean Sits up By Himself Now!

Sorry for the lengthy hiatus, loyal BSM fans (that's Baby Sean Michael). There is much to report. First, you'll no doubt notice a bit of a makeover for the site - just keeping it fresh (as fresh as one can averaging 1 post a month).

Sean has been a baby on the go this summer - in August he went to Lake Placid with mom and dad on a brief getaway before dad started his new job. It was a pretty fancy place, The Mirror Lake Inn, where Sean was able to try pool swimming. You can't tell from the photo, but he did enjoy it. Sean made lots of friends, especially one nice server who walked him around the hotel so mom and dad could enjoy their overpriced dinner. This hotel is known for its service, but we sure didn't expect that.

Soon after that, Sean attended his first Ring of Fire up at camp. On the last night of summer, usually the night before Labor Day, everyone on the Great Sacandaga Lake builds a giant bonfire, and then lights it when it gets dark. This year none of the grownups had to build the bonfire (which usually involves many trips to the wooded part of the property to collect blown-down branches), which we were very grateful for. It's a backbreaking job.

On the day after Labor Day, dad started a new job at Vertis Communications, a printing and advertising company. It's a better job than his old one, but involves some traveling, which is not too bad so far. We get plenty of bonding time over dinner, bath, bottle and story (our nightly routine) . Having completed many of Dr. Seuss' fine tales, as well as some more contemporary authors, we're now deep into Winnie-The-Pooh.

Not too long after the Ring of Fire, Sean went to his Nani and Popi's 40th Wedding anniversary party, put on by his dad and the siblings. Sean got to meet his cousins Amy, Kelly, Rebecca, Daniel, Sabrina and Alaina for the first time, as well as Aunt Annemarie and Uncle David. Not to mention dad's many cousins, aunts and uncles, and even Sean's great-grandma Vera. Sean had a blast - he really does love gatherings. Everyone lives so far away from each other that it takes something like this for everyone to get together.

I can sit up on my own!!

Now that we're in the Fall, Sean is hitting his stride with some development milestones. He started sitting up all by himself about a week ago, and is getting close to trying a crawl. Teeth are coming, which is painful, and Sean is counting down to his first Halloween, for which he and mom will dress as a Koala bear and tree. You can probably guess who will be who. Photos will of course be posted.

- James