Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sean Loves the Water - And Realized He Has Feet

We've brought Sean up to Joy's family camp on the Great Sacandaga for a couple of weekends now, and he seems to be enjoying the vibe up there. Naturally, our furry kids have always loved camp - we have to say C-A-M-P around Amber as she knows what the word means and starts freaking out whenever we say it.

Here you can see Sean "swimming" - he's actually just standing on my feet in the water.

Preparing Sean for a swim is a multi-step process:
- Swim diaper? Check
- Swimsuit? Check
- SPF Protection Shirt? Check
- Baby Sunscreen? Check
- Sunglasses? Check
- Sun hat? Check
- Kevlar bullet proof safety cocoon? Not needed after 3 months old.

Now we can go swimming. Or wading really. But Sean loves water. Even bath time, which we've started doing every night before bed in an effort to help him sleep through the night. It isn't really working yet, but he's clean and fresh-smelling every night.

He's also discovered his feet, and can be found grabbing them while laying in his crib. He's also usually talking to himself at the same time, generally happy with life at that moment. Of course, that happiness can evaporate in the blink of an eye - sometimes it comes back quickly. Other times, it doesn't come back for a loooooong time.

- James