Friday, July 6, 2007

Back to work...

Well, the honeymoon is over, back to reality. Two big things happened this week, Mom started back to work and Sean started child care. Both were harder on mom than on Sean. Having to leave him for the first time with a stranger was so difficult. While I know he is in good hands, those hands aren't mine and I really miss him. Dad went with us on our first day for moral support and to make sure Mom wasn't a basket case. Sean was pretty good about it, he didn't even seem to notice when we left, and I got to go to my office and have a good cry. Since it is right next door I get to go visit him a lot, which I have already taken advantage of. The teachers are going to get sick of me, but it definitely helps with the baby withdrawals. It is nice to be back at work and talk to adults. It was strange the first day, it felt like my first day at a new job. It's going to take awhile to re-acclimate to the hectic pace of day to day life in an office and crazy deadlines again. My biggest deadlines for the past few months were imposed by a crying baby who didn't want to wait the 5 minutes it takes to warm up a bottle.

I do think Sean will enjoy child care. He's definitely the hit of the room. Being not only the new kid, but the youngest and the only boy. He's getting lots of attention. It could be because his needs are greater, the other kids can crawl and sit up on their own but I think being devilishly handsome also helps. His second day in and he's already gotten an incident report on his permanent record and his first cold. I was a little taken aback when they told me when I picked him up I needed to sign and date an incident report, I thought that something terrible must have happened—then she showed me a tiny little scratch on his temple (he's given himself much worse with his sharp little finger nails). Apparently the teacher was reaching to pick him up, he moved, and she scratched him. Not much of an incident in my opinion, but better to be overly cautious I guess. As for his cold, I knew it was bound to happen, just thought he would at least get through a full week without one.

He is sleeping better, not sure if it is just that he is finally establishing a good sleep pattern, or if all the excitement of his days watching the other kids play and crawl around is exhausting him. Either way, I'm appreciating the extra zzzzs.

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