Friday, June 29, 2007

What's Sean Doing Now?

I seem to get asked this fairly regularly - of course, my initial response was always, "the usual - eating, pooping, sleeping, crying". I didn't realize that they were asking what new things he's doing. Because, we all pretty much do the first three on that list every day, (with some exceptions of course).

So Sean has some new things he's started doing in the last few weeks. Like smiling - mouth wide open, dimples showing, toothless smiles. Especially for the ladies. I get my share, to be sure, but Sean really seems to turn on the charm for the ladies in his life. He's also started vocalizing a lot more. It almost seems like he's trying to tell us something - maybe he is. Oprah had a guest on a while back that had apparently cracked the baby talk code, and for a mere $50, you could buy her DVD where all would be revealed. We haven't taken that leap yet. Sean may not totally agree, but I think we've figured out his code somewhat, and how to respond. For now. Everything could be different next week (or tomorrow).

Another big step took place last weekend while my mother was up visiting - Sean slept in his own room, in his big boy crib. He seems to have taken to it quite well, hardly protesting at not sleeping in our room any more. He's still up 1-2 times a night, but is sleeping longer, and going back to sleep fairly easily. We keep an ear out for the baby monitor.

- James

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