Monday, May 14, 2007

Sean's First Mother's Day

We all celebrated our first Mother's Day yesterday with a day of firsts for Sean. First, we took him to the annual Tulip Festival, in Albany's Washington Park. It's a Mother's Day tradition in these parts, though the weather is frequently crummy. At any rate, the city plants all sorts of interesting varieties of tulips, leaves them in the park for a few weeks, then digs up all of the beds and puts something else there.

Sean, naturally, slept through the entire outing, as seen here. From there, we went home and met Grandma and Grandpa C back at the ranch for a joint Mother's Day celebration. Sean pretty much slept through that as well.

From there, we headed over to a local restaurant on the Mohawk River for a little Mother's Day dinner. Sitting out on the deck was nice until the sun went down, and the wind picked up. Sean slept through his first restaurant outing as well, until the very end. Fortunately, we had an emergency bottle packed. Sean doesn't like to wait to eat. He understands the concept of NOW quite well.

So Sean managed to sleep through his first Tulip Fest, his first dinner out, and most of his first Mother's Day. He did not, however, sleep through his first Mother's Day night.

Diabetes Ride Training Update:
I have managed to get out to do a 40 and 45 mile ride each of the last two weekends. They weren't too bad, except I really didn't feel like riding another 30-35 miles after pulling in the driveway. This doesn't bode too well for next month's 75 mile ride, but I'm trying to squeeze in the miles wherever I can. Wish me luck.

- James

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Lori said...

Hello Joy, James and Sean,

I'm glad that Joys' first Mother's Day was such a hit -- our neighbors were at the Tulip Fesival and took photos right about where you did (unless there are a few more tulips than those :).

We spent the day at Home Depot looking for a nice arbor and getting ready for the exciting kitchen renovations (my choice for the Mothers Day treat).
Olivia gave me a beautiful card with photo that she made, Emily came for dinner and gave roses and gifts, Christopher called at 7 something in the morning from Cali for good wishes (a box on the way) and Nikki wanted his Daddy to take him to the "Diamond Store" where the Mommy rings are for Mother's Day. Its all so nice -- the gifts -- but truly -- truly -- the gift of their presence -- the joy of their living souls is the best gift ever. I'm so glad that you are enjoying the gifts of parenthood.

Love, Lori