Friday, April 27, 2007

We haven't seen our cat in a while

Maybe she got tired of being the lowest-ranking creature around our house and went off in search of a more attentive owner. Perhaps she felt like she needed some space. Either way, we haven't seen Venus since she ventured out the back door a few days ago. She did this once before - unfortunately for her, it's been rainy up here this week.

Sean continues to do well, although he has been a little more upset than usual. In fact, his little voice has grown hoarse from the extra crying he's been doing lately. Despite all the tricks we got from Dr. Karp, he's still been upset about something. Maybe it's the usual culprit - gas. We may try giving him some baby gas relieving medicine.

Diabetes Charity Ride Update
Training is coming slowly - I've ridden about 125 miles so far this year. Pretty abysmal. I am hoping to get out more, now that the weather is improving. Given that I have committed to ride the 75-mile ride, I'm going to need more training.

Here's information on a ride I did in the winter - I may post these for other training rides, if people find it at all interesting. You'll be able to see just how slow I'm going up and down the hills around our home. Loads of fun.

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David said...

I am so sorry to read about Venus and hope she finds her way back home soon. It may be time to step outside and scream, at the top of your lungs, "you're not just a cover."

And Sean is looking super dope - keep up the good work and take good care.