Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sean by the numbers

Sean is now eating heartily about 8 times a day. At about 3oz per feeding, that translates into roughly 24oz, or 1.5 lbs of milk. Since he doesn't yet weigh 7 lbs these days, that's over 20% of his weight in food, every day. That's like me eating 35 lbs of food a day.

Perhaps calories is a better way to think about it - Sean's diet is about 20 calories an ounce, or about 480 calories a day. A typical diet for most adults weighing 175 lbs is about 2000 calories a day. So, 1/4 the calories, but 1/25 the body weight.

All that eating means lots of diaper changes. About 8-10 of those a day. Considering how much he hates it, that means 8-10 harrowing moments of Sean crying as loud as he can and flailing his little arms and legs.

About 2-3 times a day, Sean has to be completely changed, including swaddle blanket. So that of course involves lots of laundry.

We did manage to have a beautiful spring day yesterday up in upstate NY, and took Sean out for his second walk. He slept through that one too. He seems to sleep a little better in the day than the night, which we're trying to figure out how to reverse. If anyone has suggestions, we're all ears.

I go back to work tomorrow, after almost 2 weeks off. I expect to spend the first few hours of the day talking about Sean and otherwise trying to remember what it is I do for a living. Let's hope I get a little sleep tonight.

- James

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