Sunday, April 29, 2007

Could it have been that simple all along?

Over the last few days, Sean has been especially upset, fussing and crying for literally hours. Even his little voice had grown hoarse from all of the crying. Grandma Linda was up to help Friday and Saturday, and got to see firsthand Sean's state of affairs. The burping, swaddling, shushing, swaying, binky-sucking, gas medicine, bouncy-chairing was only effective for mere minutes before Sean erupted into tears all over again.

Here's the thing about infant care - they change so fast, that just when we've gotten a routine down, it suddenly no loner meets his new needs. For days we fed Sean 8x a day, 3oz at a time. Turns out that babies go through several growth spurts during their first year, and Sean happened to be going through one last week.

So it turns out he was just hungry. Once we had increased his feeding volumes, he was back to his mellow self, settling back down quickly, sleeping well. Of course, simply feeding Sean a lot more has it's own consequences - there's only so much room for milk, even if he's in a growth spurt. So things are relatively back to normal for now.

Sean has another doctor appointment this week, so we'll know precisely how much Sean has grown in the last three weeks. He definitely has - he's really filling out his little outfits, and he officially has a double chin. Stay tuned for that update this week.

Still no sign of kitty.

- James

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