Monday, April 23, 2007

Brief Update

We've made a few changes to Sean's photo site. A new feature, Sean's Weekly Photo debuts today. Each week we'll take a picture of Sean next to a somewhat scary looking troll toy that one of Joy's co-workers gave us. We haven't measured or weighed him recently, but he's starting to fill out a little, as evidenced by his chubbier cheeks.

Also, we have added photos of our furry children, Amber and Buddy, for your viewing pleasure. They are the best dogs in the universe.

Keep those cards and letters coming.

- James

NOTE: I have been corrected - Sean's toy is a Galoompagalot, called Zottle. Apparently, you can't get Zottle any more. But you can get other such monsters here.

1 comment:

JP said...

Just for the record... it's not a TROLL, it's a galoompagalot, and it's name is Zottle (although I guess you can call it whatever you wish). It's nice to know it's playing such a key roll in Sean Michael's development. :)