Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Big Day Today

Sean was out and about today - first, a visit to Bellevue Hospital, for some nursing assistance, and then on to his first doctor's appointment. He's nearly gained back to his birthweight, and his peanut status was confirmed by his weight, length and head size percentiles (all around 25th).

From there, Sean paid his first visit, to a dear family friend who used to live across the street from us here. She now lives in an adult home for women, which happens to be directly across the street from the pediatrician. Auntie Robin was extremely moved to see little Sean, and even held him for a short while. She said it had been ages since she held a baby, and we were happy to oblige.

Robin's husband Leo passed away a little more than a year ago, which was the impetus for her move from their home of 40 years to the adult home. They were among the first of our welcomers when we moved into the neighborhood in Fall 2004. Really, they wanted to meet our dogs, for they "preferred dogs to people". When Leo took ill a few months before he died, we made regular visits with the dogs, a sort of informal pet therapy. They loved him, and he loved them. We've been to see Robin with the dogs, and are looking forward to an entire family visit once the weather gets a little warmer.

People have said that Sean is going to change our lives, which is very true. Those changes have happened already. For example, my situational awareness is considerably higher than it used to be, as Sean's safety is now paramount. Also, I have discovered that I can multitask. For women, this probably doesn't seem all that impressive, but the guys may relate. We're pretty much one thing at a time, all the time. Now I am developing the ability to do several things at once. Last night I had Sean eating, me eating, and the Sunday crossword going at once. Who knows how far this could go? I'll save the application of the Toyota Production System
concepts (otherwise known as Lean Manufacturing) to the many processes involved in caring for Sean in another post.

- James


Annemarie said...

Hey James and Joy and Sean,
You guys sound like you're doing great - finding your way like pros! Congratulations on the achievement of bringing a very cute little guy into the world. Rebecca and Daniel are really excited to see their new cousin when we return later this summer!
lots of love,
Annemarie, David Rebecca & Daniel

Joy said...

Sean Michael shares the sometimes dubious distinction
of an April 3 birthday with the following individuals:

1986 Amanda Bynes (actress, comedian)
1972 Jennie Garth (actress)
1972 J.P. Henkel (MENSA member, wonderstud)these attributes are currently being reviewed for accuracy
1971 Picabo Street (downhill skier)
1961 Eddie Murphy (comedian)
1959 David Hyde Pierce (actor)
1958 Alec Baldwin (actor)
1949 Donny Anderson (football)
1944 Tony Orlando (Cassevitis) (singer)
1942 Wayne Newton (singer)
1942 Marsha Mason (actress)
1934 Jane Goodall (scientist)
1928 Don Gibson (singer)
1924 Doris Day (Von Kappelhoff) (singer)
1924 Marlon Brando (Academy Award-winning actor)
1916 Herb Caen (columnist)
1837 John Burroughs (American naturalist)
1783 Washington Irving (author)