Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bath Time for Sean

Sean had his first proper bath last night. Even though he was given a beautiful baby tub complete with bubbling jet and spray nozzle, he didn't really care for it too much. Poor guy - he's so young to have to learn that life is full of things you'd just rather not do, but there you have it. We of course captured the moment and have posted photos to the site - nothing Sean will be embarrassed by later in life (we hope). If so, I'll spring for therapy.

Mom has been cleared to drive and do stairs by her doctor, which is good news. She continues to mend quite nicely, in time to enjoy the beautiful spring days we are currently being treated to in upstate NY. Kindof makes the last few months of lousy weather a little more bearable. The golfers are also out in full force (we live next to a country club), which means we all have to be on the lookout for wayward golf balls. Never having played, I can't quite understand how they make it into our yard, but I'm told it's not that hard to miss that badly. I just hope I don't get beaned one day while mowing the lawn - how will I know who to sue?

- James

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